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Lorg fuasgladh loidhne slàn an seo

Bàr còmhnard stàilinn gun staoin 201 304 304L 316 airson togail thaighean agus sgeadachadh
Bàr còmhnard stàilinn gun staoin 201 304 304L 316 airson togail thaighean agus sgeadachadh
Bàr còmhnard stàilinn gun staoin 201 304 304L 316 airson togail thaighean agus sgeadachadh
Bàr còmhnard stàilinn gun staoin 201 304 304L 316 airson togail thaighean agus sgeadachadh
Bàr còmhnard stàilinn gun staoin 201 304 304L 316 airson togail thaighean agus sgeadachadh

Bàr còmhnard stàilinn gun staoin 201 304 304L 316 airson togail thaighean agus sgeadachadh

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Place of OriginSìona
Brand AinmECG
Seòrsa stuthan301, 302, 303, 304, 304L, 310, 310S, 321, 316, 316L, 317, 317L, 329, 347, 409, 410, 416, 420, 430, 430F, 201, 202, 630, 631, 2205
CoitcheannGB, SUS, AISI, DIN
Uidheam òrdugh as ìsle1 tonna
Fiosrachadh PacaidhPacadh àbhaisteach às-mhalairt airidh air muir
lìbhrigeadh Time5-15 làithean le ùmhlachd do luchd-cleachdaidh’ riatanas agus meud
Pàigheadh ​​RiaghailteanTT, L / C.
Comas Solarachaidh3000 tonna gach bliadhna

● Stainless steel flat steel can be composed of various stress components according to the different needs of the structure, and can also be used as a connector between components. Widely used in various building structures and engineering structures, such as beams, bridges, transmission towers, lifting and transportation machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction towers, container racks and warehouse shelves, etc.

● Stainless steel flat steel is used in construction projects as bridges, house frames, fences, power transmission ships, vehicles, etc. The raw material billet for the production of stainless steel flat steel is low-carbon square steel billet, and the finished stainless steel flat steel is delivered in hot-rolled, cold-rolled or hot-rolled state. During the transaction, the side width and side thickness of the stainless steel flat steel should be fully filled in the contract and other documents, as well as other main process items, such as annealing, solid solution, etc.

● Type and specification

● It is mainly divided into two types: equal sides and unequal sides, among which the equal sides can be divided into square steel. The specifications of the square steel are expressed by the size of the side length and side thickness. Domestic specifications are 3mm*20m—150mm.

● Import and export orders are generally based on the specifications required in use, and the steel grades are the corresponding carbon steel grades. That is, there is no specific composition and performance series other than the specification number.

● The delivery length of stainless steel flat steel is divided into two types: fixed length and double length. The selection range of domestic fixed length is 3-9m and 4-12m according to the different specifications, and the length selection range of Japanese production is 6-15m.

Application of 304 stainless steel flat steel on house beams

● Stainless steel flat steel is a very widely used building material. It is non-toxic and harmless, and its performance is particularly good. In addition to being used on beams, it is also used in many places. We see modern high-rise buildings, glass curtain walls, Bridge machinery is an application example of this kind of profile. Stainless steel flat steel is not a finished product and cannot be used directly. Instead, it must go through a series of processing to make it reach a certain size and standard, which meets the needs of use. As a good It has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity, no deformation, not easy to be corroded, and long service life, so modern high-rise buildings are designed and used as the main material of the beam.

● People used wood to build houses at first, because wood is a natural material that can be obtained from nature. With the development and progress of the times, the current beams no longer use wood, but stainless steel, because although wood is natural, it is easy to be affected by moisture, and the rafter heads exposed outside the house are easy to be rotted by wind and rain. Silverfish will grow on it, and cracks will appear on the beams, which will affect the quality of the house. As modern wood becomes more and more precious, people begin to use stainless steel flat steel instead of wood on the beams.

● When building a house, the frame has to bear a lot of weight. In addition to the weight of the surrounding environment, there is also the weight of the house itself. The bearing capacity of the beam directly affects the service life of the house, so the stainless steel flat steel beam must withstand the outdoor wind and rain. All kinds of bad weather conditions, but also bear the hidden dangers caused by earthquakes and other vibrations. It is precisely because it plays such an important role, so it should be particularly cautious in the selection of materials. At this time, you may ask, stainless steel is also good. Is it bad? Of course.





Feartan bàr stàilinn gun staoin

● Tha toraidhean rollaichte fuar air an crìochnachadh le gleans grinn
● Neart àrd teòthachd sàr-mhath;
● Cruadhachadh obrach sàr-mhath (lag magnetach às deidh giollachd)
● Fuasgladh stàite neo-magnetach

Iarrtasan de bhàr stàilinn gun staoin

● Raon togail, gnìomhachas togail shoithichean
● Gnìomhachasan peatroil & ceimigeach, gnìomhachas cogaidh is dealain
● Gnìomhachas giollachd bìdh agus meidigeach
● Iomlaid teas boiler, raointean innealan agus bathar-cruaidh