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TISCO's first domestic stainless steel for membrane-type LNG ships/tanks

Recently, TISCO launched the first MARK-III LNG (liquefied natural gas) carrier/tank membrane type containment system special stainless steel products in China, and passed the French GTT certification, becoming the first domestic and the third qualified supplier in the world. It solves the problem of "stuck neck" of basic materials for LNG shipping and storage in my country.

At present, the mainstream and advanced direction of the LNG industry is the membrane-type MARK-III type transport ship and the supporting membrane-type land storage tank, which are made of special austenitic stainless steel cold-rolled sheets, which have great influence on the microstructure stability and low-temperature mechanical properties of the material. , dimensional accuracy, plate type and surface "zero defect" and other indicators are demanding, and the production is extremely difficult. For many years, the mainstream technology and production qualifications have been mastered by foreign companies.

Taiyuan Iron and Steel set up a technical research team in time. After two years of unremitting efforts, it has obtained the GTT certification certificate and the certification of many foreign classification societies in one fell swoop, and has the supply qualification. The products have successfully replaced imports. provide strong support.