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Common stainless steel characteristics and application fields

Stainless steel for solar energy: As a kind of solar water heater material, stainless steel not only has the advantages of beautiful appearance, low cost, long life, hygienic non-toxicity, strong corrosion resistance, clean water quality, etc., but also has long-term high cost-benefit, which can reflect modern, The comprehensive quality of lasting, economical and environmental protection provides people with energy-saving equipment used in life and production. It is the best choice for the best storage and water supply equipment in the world today.

Excellent corrosion resistance. The resistance to chloride ion stress corrosion is comparable to that of SUS444, far better than SUS304 and SUS316L; the resistance to chloride ion pitting corrosion is better than that of SUS304, which is basically equivalent to that of SUS444. It also maintains good corrosion resistance after welding. It has good room temperature mechanical properties, formability and weldability, and has better formability and post-weld plasticity than SUS444. Because it does not contain nickel and saves molybdenum, the cost of the alloy is lower than that of SUS304 and SUS444. Application fields: suitable for various water system devices. Commonly used stainless steel characteristics and application fields, such as solar water heaters, electric water heaters, water tanks, waterwheels, etc.

Stainless steel for rail vehicles: Stainless steel is a novel transportation material, which can not only improve the quality and beauty of vehicles, but also improve vehicle strength and increase service life. With the excellent quality of technology, environmental protection and economy, it is an ideal choice for modern transportation materials.

Compared with 301 steel, the C content is lower, so the intergranular corrosion resistance is excellent, and a certain content of nitrogen is added to make up for the decrease in strength caused by the reduction of the C content and improve the corrosion resistance. Commonly used stainless steel characteristics and application fields, compared with Al alloys, have higher high temperature strength, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance, improve safety and economy. It is resistant to corrosion by domestic liquids such as atmosphere, acid, alkali and salt. There are 5 intensity grades of LT, DLT, ST, MT and HT and 5 surfaces of ****, 2D, 2B, BG80 and DF according to the gradual increase in intensity. Application areas: carriages, body frames and other structural parts of railway passenger cars and subways.

Ferritic stainless steel for automobile exhaust system: Baosteel's ferritic stainless steel for automobile exhaust system B409M, B432L, B436L, B439M, B429, B441, B444M2 and other stainless steels are all ultra-pure ferritic stainless steels, which are fully Ferrite structure, because of its nickel saving, good intergranular corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient and high temperature strength, makes it the preferred material for automobile exhaust systems, and is widely used in the manufacture of automotive exhaust system parts.

Nitrogen-controlled martensitic stainless steel: Baosteel’s nitrogen-controlled martensitic stainless steel is based on traditional martensitic stainless steel, reduces the carbon content in the steel, adds a certain amount of nitrogen, and adjusts manganese, vanadium, chromium, etc. According to the content of alloying elements, a new type of nitrogen-controlled martensitic stainless steel has been developed, which significantly improves the performance of stainless steel for cutting tools.

Stainless steel for construction: As a novel building material, stainless steel can not only enhance the aesthetics of design and architecture, but also improve the overall lightness and service life of buildings. The comprehensive quality of economy and environmental protection is an ideal choice for modern buildings. Commonly used stainless steel properties and application fields, exterior decoration is mainly used in facades, roofs, walls, curtain walls, etc. It has been successfully applied to the roof of the main stadium of the Guangzhou Asian Games. Bring beautiful enjoyment to Chinese and foreign audiences.